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systraymail is a little application that sits in the system tray, and provides notification of new mail. It was written in C using GTK and libmailutils.

The icons displayed for "no mail" and "new mail" are user-configurable. Default icons are included in the tar file. When there is new mail, systraymail displays a tool tip that shows the number of messages in each mailbox.

Screen Shots

Screen shots (very small, 6.8K and 2.2K) are from my Xfce4 desktop and the panel, but systraymail should work with any panel application that properly supports the freedesktop.org system tray specification.


Configuration is read from the file ~/.systraymailrc. A default is provided in the tar file. The format of this file is:

  <Local mailbox check period in seconds>
  <Remote mailbox check period in seconds>
  <No new mail icon>
  <New mail icon>

The format of <URL> is defined by libmailutils. See the mailutils manual and the section on URLs.

A maildir URL would look like "maildir:/home/user/Maildir/", and IMAP like "imap://user:password@host:port/INBOX".

Mailbox format support is mostly dependent on libmailutils. It provides a format-independent way of accessing mailboxes. Not all formats are support yet, but libmailutils is being actively developed, and support will improve with time.

Send SIGHUP (killall -HUP systraymail) to have a running instance of systraymail reload the configuration file. Click on the icon to force an immediate check of all mailboxes.

Download, Compile, and Install



The system tray support code (eggtrayicon.c and eggtrayicon.h) is from the GAIM source code. The default icons in the tar file are those used by GKrellM.

The rest of the source code was written by me:


systraymail is copyright © 2004 by Daniel Born (dan__NOSPAM__@danborn.net) and is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2.